Wool Quilt

Apr 13,2019

For thousands of years, wool has filled our lives with comfort and warmth. Wool is a kind of pure natural fiber, and the imitation of science and technology can’t be achieved. We made them into quilts and beds to sleep in them. Scientific research has shown that wool bedding provides us with a more comfortable sleep, which maintains the same temperature as body temperature and lowers the pulse rate during sleep. Wool is naturally antibacterial, permanent elasticity, excellent warmth and super strong absorption and dehumidification function; compared with chemical fiber space, the main component of wool fiber is keratin protein and protein that protects human skin. The same, it has a natural skin-friendly, can maintain the optimal sleep temperature close to the skin 32.7 ° C, increase deep sleep time; the natural antibacterial properties of wool can effectively inhibit the growth of mold, mites, making it alive today in bird flu It has a health advantage; when purchasing, I suggest you use the easiest way to remove a little wool from the opening and look at it with your eyes: First, look at the color of the wool. Not the more white, the better, the authentic Australian 9-month lamb’s hair is beige, if it is too white, the original quality of the wool is not very good, there are more procedures to decontaminate and remove impurities, it may damage the surface protein. . Second, it depends on the length and length of the fiber. According to the certification requirements of the International Wool Bureau, wools that are generally 2 to 3 inches long and have a fineness of 28 to 32 microns are best suited for wool quilts. Too thin and too thick are not good. Has good color and resilience. Third, look at the wrapping fabric. The outer cloth must not be coated (similar to the kind of light-proof curtains), so it is very likely that the inner wool oil rate and impurities are not removed, and the outer layer is used to prevent extravasation. Smell with the nose: smell the wool, the carbonized, washed, combed wool will not have any odor, including the smell of sheep. Touch by hand: Touch the softness of the cloth. If the quilt is hard or brittle, it may be a sponge or a coating on the fabric. Such a quilt is poor in comfort and may exceed formaldehyde.

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