Silk Quilt

May 17,2019

First: Pull out a small amount of silk, because the more you pull it, the harder it is to pull it out. If it is pulled out well, it must be fake. Use a lighter to burn if there is protein burning. It is commonly known as charred feathers.) Generally, this can be achieved, because as long as it is silk, both silkworm and tussah have the same burnt flavor, and the important one is the first half.

Second: Every silk quilt should have a look at the mouth, usually between 20-30 cm. If the silk is below 20 cm, there will be problems. Small manufacturers will use good silk to make samples and blind consumption. Therefore, the mouth should be as large as possible. The high-quality silk should be slightly yellowish in milky white. The surface of the silk has a soft luster. It is not black, not blemishes, and the silk fiber is very long. Each layer of silk is like a net and may be accompanied by a small amount. After the shell is opened, the surface of the silk is unwound, and there is no flocculated silk inside.

Fourth: look at the silk of the sample first by hand, then rub it in other places, feel the same, the silk is supposed to be slippery, thin, and it will feel very comfortable when attached to our skin. This is any other. Fiber materials are not comparable to silk.

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