Basic Meaning Of Quilt

Feb 2,2019

The textile industry can be divided into three industries according to its final purpose, namely, the garment textile industry, the industrial textile industry and the decorative textile industry. The decorative textile industry is also commonly referred to as home textiles, which is the home textile industry, and the bed industry is home textiles. One of the sub-sectors. Bedding is an important part of home textiles, according to the classification of China National Textile Association: including 1, bed type; 2, curtains; 3, washing kitchen textiles; 4, furniture textiles (cushion, seat cushion). Among them, the category of bedding products occupied the first place in the home textile industry, and the output value accounted for more than 1/3 of China’s textile industry. In 2004, it reached 100 billion yuan. In 2006, the output value was about 250 billion yuan, including sheets, quilts, pillows and other products. In China, the bedding industry is also known as the bedding industry, or the bedding industry, bedding industry and indoor soft decoration industry. However, most people in the industry are still accustomed to using the big concept of the home textile industry. Bedding products mainly include: pillow core, bedding, mattress, pillowcase, quilt cover… The most popular bedding brands in the market have their own main products, and the concept of overall bedding is to make a whole set of bedding sheets. The bedroom design is convenient for the customer’s choice. I believe that more and more bedding practitioners will move on a similar business track.

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